Roofing Repair

Roof Repair:

We at The Eavestrough Guy have been working competently in this field for more than a decade. We have been serving residents proficiently with their roof repair services. Our customers would recommend our technicians for their knowledge in repairing their existing roof. We take pride in being called a quality roof repair near me company in Durham. If you cannot remember the last time you checked your roof for any signs of a leaking roof or weakness you are just like other residents who need our assistance.

With our top-notch roof leak repair near me services, you can relax knowing you are in the best hands. The cost of repair doubles when water damage begins to take a toll on the structural veracity of your property. Help put your hard-earned money back in your pocket and select The Eavestrough Guy’s professional team for all your roof repairing needs and requirements.

Professional Roof Repair Services In Durham:

When it’s time to remove your torn shingles and replace the missing shingles, The Eavestrough Guy is your reliable and reasonable source for all your emergency roof repair near me services. We are among those few companies in Durham that can bring top-quality at reasonable rates because we know that we charge far less, compared to our competitors for supreme quality. We know that your roof is a lifetime investment, and we are here to help you preserve the real value that your property deserves.

At The Eavestrough Guy, we offer shingle roof repair services in Durham:

Shingle Roofs:

At The Eavestrough Guy, we offer the most common, fibreglass asphalt roofing shingles. Our professional team does a thorough review to ensure you get the best shingle repair services. We have a great deal of experience in installing all kinds of roofs and a vast variety of colors to choose from. The shingles are light in weight and very durable, making them last many years.

Why Our Clients Trust Us For Their Roof Repair Work?

At the eavestrough guy, we deliver excellent roof repair near me services that will exceed your expectations. Our devotion to high-quality service while maintaining a reasonable price is something that cannot be matched by others in the market! With every project we take on, we put our reputation on the line, one that means a great deal with us.

With our thirteen years of experience in this industry, high standards, and extensive skills and training, we think you will agree that we are one of the best choices in order to tackle your roof repair project!

Quality Roof Replacement!

We are your trusted and most reliable roof repairing partner that also charges very reasonably as compared to other expensive competitors Choose the right roof repair company because it will affect the success or failure of your property. At The Eavestrough Guy, we provide high-quality roof repairing services.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority!

We guarantee; you’re in the best hands when you hire us for your roof repair work, as every project we take on is given additional care. None of the customer’s needs, requirements, or work is the same! We provide you with a large selection of options to choose from. So, don’t worry, you are in the right hands!

No Mistakes At All!

While no individual or business is perfect, we set our standards extremely high and we don’t bear any mistakes or shortcuts in the process we do for your roof repair services. We hold ourselves responsible for every project we take on, doesn’t matter how small of a repair it is.

Highly Reviewed And Recommended!

At The Eavestrough Guy, we have built up a significant amount of reviews all across the website. Once a client works with us, they have no issues with recommending us to their relatives and friends.

We Offer:

At The Eavestrough Guy, we offer elite roof repair services. We have professional teams that are highly trained, competent, and can handle every phase of your project with ease. We have built an outstanding team of project managers, advisers, and professional technicians. We’ve got you fully covered!

We can come out to your house at your request to measure your house and give you a quote and to show you samples of products, materials, and past projects we have worked on. It doesn’t matter if you want all new eavestroughs installed, or you need a damaged eavestrough fixed/repaired, we have you covered.

We take pride in standing out from the rest by having over a decade of experience, know-how, and reliability as compared to other competitors and we stand behind our work a hundred percent.

At the eavestrough guy, we stand behind our workmanship a hundred percent.

Our payment plan is very easy, contact us for more information.



  1. Are your rates reasonable when compared to other companies?

When it is time to fix and/or replace your missing and damage shingles for new ones, The Eavestrough Guy is your reliable source for all your emergency roof repair near me services. We have a reputation in Canada for bringing high-quality workmanship at reasonable rates. We understand that your roof is a vital investment for you, and we’re here to manage that investment with you. We charge far below roofing companies as many will not do minor repairs.

  1. Do you guarantee top-notch roof repairing services?

While no individual or company is perfect, we at The Eavestrough Guy set very high standards and avoid taking shortcuts in the process of doing your roof repair services. We hold ourselves responsible of the size of the repair.

3.Do you provide shingle repair?

At The Eavestrough Guy, we offer fiberglass asphalt, shingle repair and replacement. Our professional team constantly does an inclusive review to ensure you get the best shingle repair services. We have vast experience in installing shingles in a vast variety of colors and shapes. The shingles are light in weight, outstandingly durable, and long lasting.

Leaking Roof Repair:

Stains on your ceiling mean that your roof is leaking. Whether it is a vent pipe, ridge cap, or chimney pan. The Eavestrough Guy has your solution. We do all types of roof repairs, be it a minor leak or a major problem.

It is a good idea to have your roof inspected as the seasons change. Temperature changes affect the seams and other possible areas where leaks may form. Leaks can even run down through the walls and get into the basement. These problems can be time-consuming and costly. It is better to leave the job of roof repair to the professionals. That way the job gets done right.

The Eavestrough Guy can handle any of your roof leaks or other issues, whether they are big or small. It is a good idea to take care of the problem before it gets worse.

Call to set up an appointment today before it is too late.

Jim Hampson installed complete new eavestroughs ,downspouts, and lifeguard on our home in 2009. Last winter we had a small water leak from the corner joint at the second floor roof, While on the roof, Jim and crew found a couple of spots where roof shingles had been torn away in a summer wind storm, and he fixed that also. Jim noted that the rubber gasket around two plumbing roof vents had deteriorated from UV exposure, to the point that tears and holes were allowing rain water to enter. Jim repaired these with new rubber vent pipe gaskets. I would happily endorse and recommend these guys to anyone. They are polite, friendly and honest people. Thank you again Jim.

Carl J from Toronto

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